A feature characterizing the professional services provided by Jetpharma is its total flexibility in grabbing and fulfilling its customers’ different requests, maintaining a constant quality standard as demanded and necessary in the pharmaceutical sector. Flexibility and quality are the two strengths which have always distinguished our Company.



Jetpharma offers its micronization services on behalf of third parties from the very early stages of research and development on the active ingredient, that is in a fundamental phase to assess the effectiveness of the substance under study in its physical state of micronized powder.

In this context, it is essential to guarantee the process reproducibility, independently from quantities and size of the mill selected for the micronization process.

Jetpharma has developed and built a complete range of Spiral Jetmills setting as its main goal the reproducibility of the particle size distribution of the micronized powder. Such a reproducibility has been proved through practical tests on surrogate, but especially through the field experience offered to its customers.



MCOne: quantity of substance = from 0.2 g to 10g

MC50: quantity of substance = from 25 g to 5 kg

MC200: quantity of substance = from 2 kg to 20 kg

MC300: quantity of substance = from 5 kg to 1,000 kg and more

MC400: quantity of substance = from 20 kg to 1,000 kg and more



The hereunder picture shows the graphic description summing up the experiment carried out on lactose powder. Powder coming from the same lactose batch was micronized using the complete range of MC Jetmills at Jetpharma’s disposal for the micronization process. Jetpharma makes available for its customer the experience gained in its 25 years of activity, not only in the development, scale-up and validation of the micronization process, but also in the finalization of experiments allowing the assessment and effectiveness of the particle size distribution specifications which are to be defined during product developing. During the stages of development and scale-up of the micronization process, Jetpharma shares with the customer every single aspect of the performed procedure, at the same time allowing him to directly participate to each stage of the process before, during and after the practical implementation of micronization. Thus the gained experience in the specific micronization process is shared with the customer. A relationship of mutual trust and awareness is built concerning the properties and characteristics of the product and of the micronization process; a trust and awareness which represent the foundation of a steady and long-lasting co-operation. This kind of experience is essential for the management and for an efficient resolution of every problem that, inevitably, must be taken on and solved during the developing cycle of a pharmaceutical product.



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