To measure one’s Company success and health, the first elements under evaluation are turnover and growth, but while analysing Jetpharma’s path you can discover something more.
It’s a story of very small molecules becoming important lifesaving drugs, of NCE which after several studies and experiments bring shape into the pharmaceutical industry, improving or even changing it, it’s a tell of hard work performed with care and dedication on third entities projects to create new ways, new hopes, a new future.
And all it’s done working side by side with some of the most brilliant scientists of the pharmaceutical panorama, giving a small but very important contribute to a higher cause, the one of human’s health.
And through these considerations, our Company values come to light very strongly and truly:
1. Independence
2. Confidentiality
3. Partnership
4. High-end Technology
More and more it’s the role you play that makes the difference.
Nowadays Jetpharma’s reputation is recognized worldwide, and together with M Unit and Microchem, remains a purebred horse within the race towards

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